Functional Biology

Nutritional and functional medicine aims to optimise cell, tissue and organ function. It is essential for the health of patients, both in terms of preventative and curative measures. SYNLAB has developed sophisticated nutritional analyses for evaluating health. These tests are the basis of a predictive, preventative and personalised form of medicine which aims at achieving optimal health for the patient. SYNLAB Heppignies, situated near Charleroi, is the functional and nutritional centre of excellence of the SYNLAB group.

Efficient tools

The nutritional and functional test result protocols offer a graphic representation of the parameters studied and an interpretation of the results. Our technicians implement new analyses and perform a technical validation of the results under the supervision of expert biologists who validate them medically and provide scientific support to help interpret complex results. A scientific committee is constantly setting up new profiles, based on the most recent publications and clinical studies in nutrition, to improve patients’ lives.

Only a doctor will be able to thoroughly interpret the information related to the following assessments.

Cardiovascular diseases are a priority for public health. Despite the progress made in their medical management, cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death in industrialised countries.

Overweight and obesity are major public health concerns. Obesity is a risk factor for several serious pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

“Pathological” stress is not limited to discomfort or a disturbance in quality of life. It is now considered to be a major risk factor for several diseases (cardiovascular, metabolic or immune diseases).

Memory disorders are among those cognitive disorders that are frequent and increase in prevalence with age. However, functional complaints linked to memory sometimes appear from a very young age (<50 yoa).

Depressive disorder is a common, varied, and potentially devastating illness affecting people of all ages. Depression carries a significantly greater risk of substance abuse, suicide, poor psychosocial outcome, poor academic performance, amongst other.

Fibromyalgia is characterised by an amplified perception of pain, combined with several functional disorders, such as persistent fatigue, anxiety or mood disorders, adjustment disorders and sleep disorders.

Infertility affects around 15% of couples of childbearing age in Europe. Many factors are involved in this reduced fertility: age of course, but also environmental and nutritional aspects.

Recommendations for preventing illness and optimising health are unanimous. Regular, moderate physical activity is good for health. However, in case of excess physical activity, harmful effects may appear.

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